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New Zealand Grown Hemp Seed Oil Products

Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant that has been consumed in many different ways for thousands of years around the world.

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If you suffer from arthritis, joint pain, nerve pain, skin problems, add some Hempseed oil into your diet and experience for yourself what a difference it might make.

Hemp seeds are packed with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients that are essential in supporting healthy living making its extracts extremely popular in food, skin care and supplemental products.

Our skin care product range all, hempseed oil based, with perfect blends of essential oils for supporting the health of your skin.

Best Selling Hemp Products

  • Kiwi Hemp Seed Oil 1000mg, 240 Softgel Capsules

  • Kiwi Hemp Seed Oil

  • Promise Hemp Healing Balm with Organic Manuka Honey (30g)

  • Promise Hemp Healing Balm with Organic Manuka Honey (12g)

  • Promise Organic Hemp Fibre & Cotton Facecloths

  • Hemp Seed Oil in Capsules (1000mg x 500)

  • Promise Hemp Cleanser with Frankincense 30 ml

  • Promise Hemp and Patchouli Soap with Essential Oils (100g)

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